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"Hi! My name is Kristy Northrup. I am 17 years old and I go to Ocean City High School. Before I came to Dr. DeFelice’s office, I had been treated by another orthodontist. When I was growing up, my baby teeth were awfully stubborn and they did not want to fall out. Although my teeth needed to be aligned properly, my orthodontist could not put braces on me until my baby teeth came out. In order to speed up the process, he pulled four of my teeth on the top and a few more on the bottom. He gave me a retainer for my top teeth to limit the movement of my remaining teeth. Unfortunately, I developed an underbite because my teeth could not expand past the retainer's span. My parents were concerned, so we asked around for recommended orthodontists in the area. Our family and friends pointed us in the direction of Dr. DeFelice's office a few years ago. I still remember my first visit and I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the staff. I felt comfortable, especially when they explained the specific plan they had for my teeth. With this plan, they were able to correct not only my inherited jaw issues, but also the underbite that had been created by my previous orthodontist. The people at Dr. DeFelice’s office have changed my life completely. I am constantly reminded of their wonderful work when people compliment me on my beautiful smile. I am aware that I could have developed other problems, such as needing jaw surgery, had I not received help from this office. I will always be grateful for Dr. DeFelice, his staff, and the gift they have given me."

Kristy Northrup - Marmora

"Dr. DeFelice was absolutely brilliant in the treatment of my children's orthodontics. He is on the cutting edge of the latest orthodontic procedures and technologies.

All three of my children received excellent care, and the results speak for themselves.

Dr, DeFelice and his staff are committed to service at the highest level.

Emergency visits were always accommodated.

The staff is friendly, courteous and puts the young patients at ease. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with them.

Thanks Dr. DeFelice!

I would highly recommend Dr. Gregory DeFelice for your orthodontic needs!"

Dennis Roberts – Bellevue Tavern, Cape May Court House

"DeFelice Orthodontics has the best group of people around. They accommodate any emergency and never get frustrated scheduling around a work/school agenda. Their staff is extremely talented and so is Dr. DeFelice. He has done amazing work correcting my SMILE!"

Steven Kindle – Kindle Autoplaza, Cape May Court House

"Braces at the age of 50! My two teenagers were both patients of DeFelice Orthodontics and their smiles are beautiful. I wanted that beautiful healthy smile as well so I began my orthodontic treatment with Dr. DeFelice and I had a great result. I'm very pleased with the professional and friendly staff, the comfort of the office, and the commitment of the orthodontic team headed by Dr. DeFelice. I truly recommend them."

Gina Sanguinetti – North Wildwood

"One visit to DeFelice Orthodontics and seeing all of the newest technology being applied I was ready for my new look. A year and a half later my smile is better than I thought it could ever be. The friendly, courteous staff made the process much easier. Before my first visit I had my doubts about wearing braces as an adult. With the professionalism displayed, convenience of appointments, and a relatively painless and smooth process I would recommend DeFelice Orthodontics to anyone looking to enhance their dental appearance."

Brian Dudley – Del Haven

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